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The quality and usefulness of any inspection depends upon the knowledge and experience of the person who conducts the inspection.

Private, for hire home and building inspectors in Ohio are largely unregulated. The extent and quality of the site inspection, report, and follow-up assistance vary significantly. So do the expertise and credentials of the inspectors. Criterium-Ackerman Engineers exceeds any state requirements. All of Criterium-Ackerman Engineers' inspections are supervised by Professional Engineers. The P.E. license is awarded by each state and is your assurance that the engineer is knowledgeable, ethical, and accountable. Accountability is a true measure of commitment to one's profession and clients. At a minimum, Criterium-Ackerman's Professional Engineers:

  • Have completed an accredited, degreed engineering program, have worked for 4 years under the direction of other engineers, and have passed a comprehensive state board exam. This is your assurance that they are properly trained to evaluate your property.
  • Are bound by a code of ethics that requires that they limit their practice to areas in which they have expertise.
  • Have completed a training course sponsored by Criterium Engineers in Portland, ME.

In addition to their professional qualifications, Criterium-Ackerman's engineers participate in:

  • Continuing education programs on an annual basis
  • Intensive training programs sponsored by Criterium Engineers
  • Regular peer reviews

Robert Ackerman, the President and Owner of Criterium-Ackerman Engineers.Mr. Ackerman is a charter member of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) and a Board Certified Building Inspection Engineer.

Since 1970, Mr. Ackerman's special expertise is in the evaluation and analysis of commercial and residential properties. He has helped thousands of clients better understand the physical property condition or property aspect of concern.